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I have worked as a teacher in secondary schools for over 29 years in both Kirklees and Bradford authorities. My role has varied from head of department to developing physical education in local primary schools. More recently I have worked part time whilst bringing up two children. In addition to this I have been involved with sports coaching at all levels and

spent some time as chair of governors at a Bradford nursery school.


I am passionate about the teaching profession and the many wonderful staff who work so hard with youngsters. I am well aware of how any job can feel overwhelming at times and that coping with constant change can be very



Although having worked predominantly in education I have a wealth of life experience and have had to personally overcome a number of very challenging situations both as a child and in adulthood. This has taught me to be

resilient, value what I have and live every day to the full. I can help others to get that work-life balance right, to feel good about themselves and help them to cope with the curve balls that life throws at us every so often.




Nicky Austin