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As a partnership we are offering occupational health provision from one of the leading sickness absence management specialists in the country.

Our company commitment remains the provision of an ethical, compassionate and efficient service: supporting both employee and employer whilst offering competitive rates.  

We work in partnership with Susan Gee an Occupational Health Specialist who is the Wellbeing Manager at Yorkshire Water.  Yorkshire Water's stress risk assessments and early treatment referrals for stress and musculoskeletal problems have saved the company at least £800,000.  “We have a big workforce,” says Susan Gee. “Most of those people come to work, do a good job and go home. But occasionally things go wrong and if you value people you want to be the sort of employer that is doing everything you can to support them. It’s good business and it’s the right thing to do.”

We will aim, where ever possible, to carry out a face-to-face assessment for any referral within 5-10 workings days. A written report will be delivered within 5 working days of the appointment.  

We offer a personal, relevant and professional service to all our customers and will endeavour to supply relevant and informative reports.  

Any follow up services required (eg. Counselling, Coaching, CBT, EMDR, Physiotherapy…) will be accessible for the client within 5 working days. These additional services will only be suggested when necessary.  

Access to this service is on a payment by referral basis and no retainer is required.  


Occupational Health