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I have been in education for many years as a successful senior member of the teaching profession in various guises, focussing around support and inclusion for the past 15 years. My driving force has always been to make a difference. I have now left the teaching profession and  I am focusing on my passion, counselling and coaching. An aspect of my work that with both children and adults has grown almost without limit during the last ten years.


I am also qualified to deliver educational testing as well as taking schools through the area of access managements and consulting on other aspects of inclusion.

I am a highly motivated, approachable professional who has good communication skills and a flexible solution focussed approach, I have a high level of ITC skills and am able to utilise a wide range of technologies to support learning and counselling dependant upon the needs of the client.


Throughout these years and specially in the last 15 I have worked with children who have displayed emotional difficulties, specifically learning difficulties and/or behavioural problems as a result of a wide range of issues in their lives. I have also worked with teaching and non teaching staff on a wide variety of issues affecting them and their working life, such as bereavement stress and work life balance to name but a few. I have a range of qualifications in teaching, management, counselling and educational testing. i am also a member of the British Psychological Society.


I have in-depth experience of working within the sensitive area of child protection and know the impact that has on the therapeutic relationship with a young person I also know that support of such sensitive issues can have on a child's mental and emotional health and wellbeing as well as academic achievement. To this end I work closely with my schools to ensure that all child protection issues are dealt with in a way of protects that best interests of the young person.


I can offer bespoke Counselling Services that creates individual counselling packages tailored to meet the needs of the institution, the employee and the child. The schools i work with at present receive high quality counselling care from an experienced counsellor, geared towards addressing their specific , individual requirements and which are responsive and evolve over time .





Tony Proud