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We provide bespoke onsite and offsite training and workshops that provide excellent value for money. All our training packages help attendees develop essential skills and confidence to ensure your employees are well equipped for all areas of work.


•Resilience Workshops - Build your workforces resilience with this one day tuition that is highly relevant, focused and effective.  Staff will learn resilience coaching strategies that they can operate on a daily basis and within the most stressful of environments. Current organisations accessing this workshop including: West Yorkshire Probation (CRC), Yorkshire Water, Avant Homes and the education sector.


•Mindfulness Workshop – Mindfulness is a life enhancing skill and approach to living which can deepen a person’s sense of well-being and fulfilment. Our eight week course is based upon the programmes of mindfulness based stress reduction, developed in the USA by Kabat Zinn, and mindfulness based cognitive therapy, developed in the UK and Canada by Mark Williams, John Teasdale and Zindel Segal. It is also built upon from our own personal experiences of mindfulness practice and we hope that it will provide a rich source of inspiration. The aim of the course is to help you develop an in depth personal experience of mindfulness and to build the foundations of a sustainable personal practice, with a view to applying this in your lives and perhaps also your professional work.


•Leadership/Management Training - Leadership Development and Consultations

•Staff Absence Management

•Health and Wellbeing Training

•Team Development

•Understanding Mental Health

•Academy Conversion Support and Training

•Change Management Workshops





Training & Workshops